Umbro turn on the Valentine's Day charm for another seductive slice of passion. West Ham United's Michail Antonio will be your romantic host for the evening as he entertains you in his hotel room with all his best moves. Is that ok?

With more enticement than a slow motion Andy Carroll hair flick, Antonio takes a lucky girl back to his digs and shows her his impressive and somewhat majestic D. That's D for dance moves, and Antonio has a large array of them in stock. Usually stories about Premier League footballers, mysterious women and hotel rooms are the result of a badly planned pre-season tour to Thailand, broadcasted in the early hours on a shaky Snapchat story. Not this one.

Umbro are beginning to make Valentine's Day their own after the brilliantly executed viral film with Real Madrid hardman Pepe last year (see above). Next year? Umbro's Irish defender Richard Keogh giving you the Vietnam vet 1,000-yard stare from across the bar in a Derbyshire Weatherspoons. Ain't nothing sexier than that. (see below)

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