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Umbro Velocita 3 Launch Video & BTS

The launch of the third generation Velocita saw Umbro turn up the tempo for a showcase of speed. The Double Diamond and new recruit Michail Antonio rolled out the red carpet and fired footballs at those who walked down it in a twisted test of agility and acceleration. Have a go, by all means. Just don't get caught.

Seriously, don't get caught. That was the simple objective for the launch of the new Umbro Velocita 3 football boots. Umbro invited amateur players from the University of Salford’s football team and challenged them to show their speed of thought and physical prowess through a series of drills hosted by Salford City co-manager Anthony Johnson. As the players were eliminated throughout different levels, the best of the bunch faced West Ham United’s Michail Antonio in a final competition to find an ultimate winner of the Don’t Get Caught Challenge. Watch the video below for a full demonstration.

The Don’t Get Caught Challenge was a specially-constructed game zone designed by Umbro that threw together playground classic British Bulldogs, dodgeball and high-intensity football training drills in a challenge that would test any player. A ruthless one hit rule saw players tumble out from the very first whistle as Umbro pushed the players with reaction and multi-directional speed drills.

Michail Antonio, appearing as an official Umbro athlete for the first time, watched over the action before lacing up his new Velocita 3 boots and joining the last lads standing. Antonio, blessed with power, speed, determination and calfs the size of small towns raced the final few players until an eventual winner was crowned by the West Ham man.

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Antonio, who is set to debut the Umbro Velocita 3 on pitch in the coming weeks said: "I’ve been looking forward to wearing this boot ever since the guys at Umbro first showed it to me – it looks great, is really comfortable to wear and lets me play the game how I like to. I like to think that I’m an unpredictable player and the Velocita 3 helps to give me the confidence to try things on the pitch. I absolutely loved being involved in the video as well – the challenges are a brilliant way to test your quick reactions and ability – I’d love to give this a go in our training sessions!"

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Flickering spotlights, rapid turn-overs and hi-tempo techniques. Velocita 3 arrived in style. Umbro signing off 2016 in an epic display of speed and in Michail Antonio they've got themselves a top-level player who defines what the boot represents. Just a heritage brand that makes black leather football boots? Don't think so. 

Want some of that Velocita 3? Get them here from Nov 21.

Photography by Ross Cooke for SoccerBible.


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