Oh this? Just Paul Pogba freestyling to Grandmaster Flash. Footage has emerged of the Frenchman rapping along to 'The Message' with his Euro 2016 room mate Antoine Griezmann.

The video, shows the two players entertaining themselves whilst they watch Wales take on Belgium in the EURO 2016 Quarter Finals, just a couple of days before France comprehensively beat Iceland in their own knockout game to reach the last four. Pogba and Griezmann's love of music is no secret, Pogba has since gone on to star in numerous adidas videos with Stormzy and Griezmann has featured in endorsement campaigns for Beats.

Some description

Pogba raps along in french as Griezmann has the look of a man who is very much used to his room-mate non-stop performing. He's probably playing minesweeper or something. Natural entertainers on and off the pitch, the sort of behind the scenes sprirt you long to see come out of the England camp. The English equivalent being Wayne Rooney seven cans down, gatecrashing a wedding to slur some Stereophonics lines on the karaoke.