A club of strength and support, the Signal Iduna Park of Borussia Dortmund is in every sense a home to those who fuel the engine. From the fans to the players, everyone players their part - not least, Kit Manager Frank Gräfen.

In producing a feature of might for SoccerBible Issue 4, we went behind the scenes to speak to Frank as he prepared for match day and took in his incredible line of sight. A job like no other, providing a truly unique view at the boiler room of football at a club that continues to carve out a path of creativity - a yellow brick road of passionate football, the look inside the changing room a matter of hours before kick off, shin pads and all all - it's what we love most.

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Having held the role as Kit Manager for eleven years, Frank has experienced some monumental achievements at Dortmund, "The biggest moment was 2012 when we won the double, the championship and the cup and 2011 too when we won the German Championship. We were doing open top bus tours around the city so they were long days, big emotions the make that big family at BVB. The supporters we have every home game is around 81,000 which is incredible but on the bus tours there was like 500,000 all over the streets of Dortmund, it was unique the whole city was yellow and black."

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A humble man too, full of professional appreciation for his surroundings and in turn, work place and it's with great countless experiences he looks back with fond memories of the last decade. "I'm really proud to be part of the club and I've enjoyed every moment I've been here. I've got good relationships with everyone at the training facility, the players and the coaches as well as the management who are always really respectable to each other which makes life enjoyable. It's a 24/7 job, you need to be there when needed. If you've got a job like mine you can't admire too much, you can't look at the cars the players drive, they are earning a lot of money and you should be respectable of that otherwise you will admire too much."

Fascinated by his unique view from inside a club looking out, it's intriguing to know that various players that have come and gone from this stadium. There's a level of trust that must be earned to gain entry to such a place as a dressing room and with such responsibility it's intriguing to know how Frank has been able to build such a rapport with all those players who have come and gone along the way.

"I'm very open minded with everyone, it's pretty simple, if somebody needs something then I am there to help but in the past as well just on a regular and professional level so I did that for Tomas Rosicky when he fist moved to Dortmund to help him settle as he was on his own in the city. It's the same today, whenever somebody needs something I'm here to help."

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With fixtures fast flowing, the volume of kit players go through a season at the highest level is astounding - from Champions League to the German cup tournaments not to mention changing in the seasons, general wear and tear and the odd swapped number some players can go through anything from 30-80 shirts so you can imagine the demands of Frank's role in ensuring everyone is fully equipped for each game. Big thanks to the club, Frank and PUMA for welcoming us into the club.

You can read more about this trend setting club in the latest issue of the SoccerBible Magazine. Borussia Dortmund fit right in as innovative pace-setters; not simply a team for the football hipster, they're right on point. Read why, here.