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Residence #19 | 'Signal Iduna Park' Westfalenstadion Borussia Dortmund

The Westfalenstadion is perhaps one of the greatest examples of the awe a stadium can produce. A megastructure of mechanical beauty, this home of football is overpowering on the senses and a monument dedicated to the yellow and black of Borussia Dortmund.

From the spacious surroundings through the heart of the pitch, this wonderland of football is a true spectacle on the eye. A capacity of just over 80,000, Signal Iduna Park has regularly been right up there leading the average attendance table. Crowds flooding in to experience the energy that is the Yellow Wall, when empty, this stadium is as impressive as it is when full. From the engineered aesthetic through to the sheer scale, in every sense it captures the enormity of this club.

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History vital to an ongoing evolution, behind the Westfalenstadion stands the 'Stadion Rote Erde' or the 'Red Earth Stadium'. The former home of Borussia Dortmund, it's running track and terracing remain offering an insight on the journey this monumental club has been through.

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Undergoing several stages of improvement and redevelopment, the Westfalenstadion now stands as a centrepiece of German Football. A host of the 2006 World Cup it has been a home for a colourful carnival for the cultured game. It's 'tifos', an inspiration for the global stage, have been breathtaking and it's no surprise that one experience of this place can positively infect you for the glorious yellow and black. On that note, one rather obvious finding is the volume of things that are branded in one way another. The beautifully minimal 'BVB' badge is on everything and coupled with that, the combination of yellow and black wash that surrounds you from top to bottom.

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You might want to watch out for the Bundesliga fixtures next season, you're going to want to make this trip.


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