Behind The Scenes With adidas, F2 Freestylers and Manchester United duo Juan Mata and Ander Herrera Who Take on the Predator Instinct Challenge.

We were recently on set with adidas and F2Freestylers to witness the making of the 'adidas Predator Instinct Challenge’ with Juan Mata and Ander Herrera. The challenge involved Juan Mata hitting the crossbar from the edge fo the box and Ander Herrera reacting from the penalty spot with nothing but pure instinct. The challenge was a tough one, even for the Manchester United teammates. We caught a quick behind-the-scenes video to show you what goes into making a skills video such as this. Despite what the final edit suggests, even the pros don’t get ones like this on the first take! As you can see from our video and pictures though, the fun was in the challenge. Check out both videos below.