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Vodafone Arena Film Directed by Umut Aral

In this short film directed by Umut Aral, it tells the story of the home of Besiktas, the 'Vodafone Arena' and the emotive connection between fans of the club and the new stadium in which they reside.

The Vodafone Arena is a real jewel as far as contemporary stadiums go. Very much pride of place in Istanbul for fans of Besiktas, it doesn't sit out of town with an industrial backdrop. More a place at the heart of its community and built on top of the clubs former home. It's a place where memories have been created and cherished and that's what this film looked to capture ahead of the stadiums opening.

As the seats go in and a second season at this stadium begins to take shape, this video is well placed in demonstrating the power football holds. Visually it showcases the sanctuary that we define as a football stadium. Directed by Umut Aral for Tribal Worldwide, it's an award winning piece of creative story telling.


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