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Mizuno Open Factory Doors - 'Made In Japan' Morellia Neo

Mizuno Open Factory Doors - 'Made In Japan' Morellia Neo


From inception to craft, the journey of an elite football boot is a precise process. For the world's best players, their boots are factory furnished long before they arrive at their club's training ground. For Mizuno and star athelte Hulk, the Morelia Neo is built from the ground up to deliver a perfect fit.

Strong, fast and dexterous, Brazilian forward Hulk is the athlete we see Mizuno creating football boots for here. An endorsed athlete, it is Mizuno's task to supply the tools-of-the-trade to Hulk - a privilege they of course pay for - and a challenge to the designers and craftsmen who strive to fuse innovation with function, in a competitive landscape creating unique, wearable, eye-catching and performance-delivering footwear.

Extensive development goes into modern football boot design. Skilled craftsmanship goes into building the physical product as there are many layers in the process. For Mizuno, they only release a handful of colourways throughout the year, so giving Hulk a good supply of the latest boot is always important.

The upper of the Neo is shaped to Mizuno's exclusive last, using machinery to apply heat and pressure mould the premium K-Leather upper of the Morelia Neo. The boots will be left to mould within the last for an extended period, leaving a shoe that's perfectly formed to the shape of Hulk's feet.

For each of Mizuno's professional boots, the brand reserve the highest grade of leather available - not used in standard models. The Kangaroo leather is Scotchguard, meaning during the tanning and conditioning of the material it's treated with a liquid silicone to be waterproof, stain resistant and more durable.


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