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Mizuno Launch Morelia Neo Wine Colourway

New colour hook up for Mizuno's premium lightweight boots

Mizuno have updated their prestigious 'Made in Japan' edition Morelia Neo boots by dropping a splash of wine on the premium silo. The new wine/white/gold paint job combines signature aesthetics with top-end craftsmanship and the highest grade materials, to deliver the exact same specifications and processes offered to Mizuno's pro athletes.

The latest colour combo takes over from a bright peacoat visual which was released in October last year. The material used on the 'Japan Collection' is the highest afforded to leather boots and usually reserved for endorsed athletes such as Hulk and Thiago Motta but Mizuno have opened up the VIP treatment for the rest of us with the Japan Collection, albeit at a heftier price.

Visually the only feature of the Japan collection Neos to differentiate from the standard versions is the 'Made In Japan' text on the tongue and the exclusive colourway, so what makes them different to the basic Neo? Well, the Kangaroo leather is Scotchguard, meaning during the tanning and conditioning of the material it's treated with a liquid silicone to be waterproof, stain resistant and more durable.

The biggest difference in the craftsmanship of the Mizuno Japan collection boots is that they're kept in the last for 24 hours, which allows the upper of the boot to form a better shape and a better fit. When you compare that to the timings for a standard manufactured boot, which is just 20 minutes, then it's obvious the Japan editions get the full pro treatment.

In the time it takes to form one Japan edition boot, seventy-two standard versions could be made. The Mizuno Morelia Neo Japan Collection is one of the most high-end footwear releases on the market, bringing the everyday player as close as possible to the professionals players treatment.

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