It's Official. Taking Ultra Boost to the pitch and engineering a direct crossover from street to stadium, adidas have unveiled the 'Ultra Boost Football Cleat'.

Not simply slipped into the sole, this silver instalment drops with more bounce than a Yeezy, more brass than sass and more style than simplicity. Naturally, it's our friends from the NFL that this has been designed for as the primeknit upper has not been tailored for contact in the way a traditional football boot might. Crossing over the Ultra Boost 3.0 into a football environment maybe one straight out of the 'What if?' handbook but it's a thought provoking piece for sure. The lines have been truly blurred and while we may only see this on American Football pitches of the NFL it will still hold a strong place of appreciation for any football fan with an appetite for the Ultra Boost.

Some description

It's worth saying that the 'Razorframe' is still very much present here so it's not purely one for the headline spin either - there's technology in this hybrid and it's very much been produced to be played in (though it's on pitches where boots are called cleats predominantly). A release date has also not been outlined for this though the Ultra Boost 3.0 and it's Silver Packing siblings will start to surface from February. For 'Soccer', the wait goes on but we're one step closer. Bringeth the boots dear three striped souls.