Expressing strong sentiment with the Nike x OFF-WHITE “Football, Mon Amour” collection, the 'Magia' Match Ball is a piece to celebrate with an equally weathered and wonderful design.

Looking like a ball that's taken a battering on your local street courts, there's something special about the Nike x OFF-WHITE Magia match ball. The “Football, Mon Amour” collection is of course one that comes with street fashion and football vibes mixed throughout. With the Magia match ball though, it's a way of mixing the real essence of street football among fashion's elite. The design itself is based on Nike‘s first ever football which was produced in 1984, with contrasting black and white colours accented by a heavy weathering design process.

Off White x Nike Football Match Ball_0003_Layer 1.jpg
Off White x Nike Football Match Ball_0001_Layer 3.jpg

Complete with a co-branded holder and special packaging, the ball will release on June 14th as part of the complete Nike x OFF-WHITE collection. Take a look at the Nike x OFF-WHITE "Football, Mon Amour" collection here.

Photography by Hypebeast.