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Nike Introduce “Football, Mon Amour” OFF-WHITE Collection

The much anticipated Nike x OFF-WHITE collection finally gets its full look as Nike and Abloh officially introduce "Football, Mon Amour", dropping on June 14.

A collection that's had us waiting since our first sight of the Nike x OFF-WHITE football jersey back in February, Nike have officially unveiled their World Cup inspired football collaboration with Virgil Abloh and OFF-WHITE. For Abloh, football is an opportunity to blend memories of his youth, from music and hip-hop beats to high school soccer matches where his interests in mixing lifestyle and sport branding began to take shape. The new Nike x OFF-White "Football, Mon Amour" collection features nuanced visual cues that go the distance in creating something new for the football-fashion game.

Virgil Abloh Off White Nike Soccerbible_0000__SU18_IM_Virgil_OW_MonAmour__Football_22_79886_79939.jpg

Describing the “Football, Mon Amour” collection, Abloh explains; "The great thing about the vocabulary and history of football is that aesthetically it has its own look. I was always inspired by the way European teams have a sponsor printed over the chest. When I was working on this collection, I wanted to celebrate the different variants of typography."

The Flyknit Zoom Fly is where the collection really begins to take flight and ties back to Abloh’s rendition of the Mercurial. “I wanted to communicate where a player strikes the ball. So, I put dots on the boot; if you’re going to strike the ball, your foot/eye coordination is basically the only variance of chance. That's what the collection started with, these running shoes that mimic the same as your actual boot on the pitch so that you started subconsciously training all the time. Then I just applied that aesthetic from the bottom up.”

Virgil Abloh Off White Nike Soccerbible_0002__SU18_IM_Virgil_OW_MonAmour__Football_1_79884_79931.jpg
Virgil Abloh Off White Nike Soccerbible_0001__SU18_IM_Virgil_OW_MonAmour__Football_21_79883_79934.jpg

The Nike x OFF-WHITE “Football, Mon Amour” collection launches June 14 on and at select retail locations globally.


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