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Virgil Abloh Off-White Football Kits at Art Basel Miami

Virgil Abloh's Off-White x Nike collaboration was a game changer in bridging cultures. Following on from the success of "The Ten" collection, the American creative designer has now found his way into the football world at 2017's Art Basel Miami.

Hitting the pitch with the likes of Skepta, it was Brickell’s Soccer Rooftop that saw this unique fashion-come-football-come-music-come-mayhem go to work. Each kit truly bespoke, they were given the Off White treatment and with a riot of styles, they re-set any rules. Matched with a mixture of boots, bright detailing and a seriously enviable backdrop, this is mid-week goals of the highest order.

Virgil Abloh Art Basel Miami portraits_0002_Layer 3.jpg
Virgil Abloh Art Basel Miami portraits_0003_Layer 2.jpg

The on-pitch match up came after Abloh gave a workshop in Miami Beach. The workshop had football at its very core as those involved were given the chance to customise a range of Nike football shirts. The custom game has been a real movement of 2017 and something we can look back on as we head into 2018. All players searching for individuality and with football a way of communicating personality, the resonance of the shirt itself has never been more powerful.

Virgil Abloh Art Basel Miami portraits_0000_Layer 5.jpg
Virgil Abloh Art Basel Miami portraits_0001_Layer 4.jpg

Naturally, the kits look on point and will grab the attention of those that like to mix their fashion with football. Pick a shirt and make it your own. That's the mantra. 

Photography courtesy of Hypebeast.


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