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Inside Tokyo's New NikeLab MA5

Fine people of Tokyo rejoice. For today, you have yourselves a NikeLab. Well, from December 1 anyway. The NikeLab project was launched in 2014 as a destination offering the company’s latest product innovations and collaborative collections, and now it's hitting up Japan.

Reserved for Nike's most sought after and next generation projects, Nike already have NikeLab stores in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong, all of which have provided opportunities to experiment in retail design and explore sustainable materials, adaptable furnishings and various local integrations. The seventh NikeLab store is no different. Tokyo's NikeLab MA5 is unique experience that is built to engage the senses – interior and exterior directional sound systems, a scent exclusive to the store and soft track flooring material made using Nike Grind, a palette of premium recycled and regenerated materials. Yeah, next level stuff.

Some description

Nike designers worked with long-term engineering partner, Arthur Huang, founder of design firm Miniwiz, to incorporate Japanese culture and traditions. Tatami mat floors pair with locally sourced wood walls in the digitally-powered fitting rooms; the same wood appears on modular display cubes alongside Nike Grind display benches, allowing for seamless restructuring around the store. If anyone knows a thing or two about copping the latest sneaker innovations, it's the Japanese. Expect this particular NikeLab to be a busy one.

NIKELAB MA5 opens on December 1 with a special display of the latest NikeLab ACG collection.



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