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Nike 'Palais of Speed' at Palais de Tokyo

With seven short days until the start of EURO 2016, Nike have set a pace of royal rule in bringing their 'Palais of Speed' to the Palais de Tokyo in the heart of Paris.

Getting a look behind the scenes before it throws open its doors, photographer Alex Penfornis captured this aesthetically beautiful event space that has Mercurial marked all over. A space that has been transformed to welcome in the very best of Nike sports performance, it emulates what makes this brand such a powerhouse. Not simply sitting on their lab-like innovation but running with it at a blistering pace and blending it in with a lifestyle that screams cool.

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In attendance was Bundesliga Player of the Year, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. A Nike athlete getting and inside scoop on the latest performance perfection, he's a player that takes the game at speed all over and personifies those Mercurial characteristics that Nike have threaded in the shape of footwear.

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Stylish science and engineering all over, this space is a place that Nike will use to showcase products as the European footballing scene focuses all eyes on EURO 2016 in France. Jewel up, Swoosh in.

Photography: Alex Penfornis


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