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Barcelona & Designer Maria Escote Present Special IWD Jersey

Arriving on International Women’s Day, FC Barcelona have collaborated with Spanish fashion designer María Escoté for a special edition jersey which aims to raise awareness about equality among the younger generation.

A collaboration between FC Barcelona and Maria Escoté to celebrate International Women's Day has led to the creation of a new shirt, with the aim of connecting with younger generations in order raise awareness about equality. The jersey features the club’s ‘Lila Barça’ colour – a blend of Barcelona’s original blue and maroon colours – which acts as a symbol of equality for the Catalan side. The future generation-oriented design draws inspiration from the Club campaign slogan, ‘Equality is in our colours. Empowering future generations’.

The design of this unisex lifestyle piece was inspired by the blending of the original blaugrana colours that produced the ‘Lila Barça’ colour, which here features as the base. The club crest sits in its traditional position on the left of the chest, while Maria Escoté's signature brush-stroke graphic features in blue and maroon, running diagonally across the front. That brush stroke artwork in the piece was produced using gouache, acrylic and oil-based techniques, applied using a flat brush and a spatula.

Interestingly, the shirt has not been produced by Nike, but rather in-house, lending further fuel to the speculative fire surrounding the Barça's future kit partner and whether the whole operation could be taken under the club's banner.

barca 14-min.jpg
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The shirt is expected to be available through Barcelona's official channels in due time.

Daniel Jones

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