Simple, stylish... and sponsorless. The new FC Barcelona home kit pairs top Nike AeroSwift innovation with classic design details to deliver a kit of the highest standard and style.

After announcing a landmark contract with Nike earlier this month, Barcelona have given us our first look at their new home threads for next season. Designed with a special memory attached to it, the kit honours the 25th anniversary of the club’s triumphant 1991-92 European campaign with classic broad vertical stripes (whoever thought hoops was a good idea) and thinner tonal stripes ― a nod the club’s style during its seminal championship run.

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The sides of the kit feature a red stripe detail that runs the length of the shirt and classic blue shorts. The stripe expands when the player is in motion providing increased ventilation and revealing flashes of blue underneath. The new home socks are blue with a red linear graphic on the calf. The kit also features an alternate pair of red socks with a blue linear graphic.

For now at least, the club have returned to a clean aesthetic across the front of the shirt. No, it's not a return to the club's "no sponsorship” policy, but instead the result of Qatar Airways failing to reach a new deal. The club have insisted there will be a new sponsor in time for the 2016/17 season, so if you want that retro Barça look (before it's likely hijacked by some Chinese company) make your move now.

The 2016/17 FC Barcelona home kit will be available from May 30, right here.