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Venezia Unveil 23/24 Home Shirt From Kappa

With a design focused on capturing the essence of iconic Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, Venezia have unveiled their 23/24 home shirt from Kappa.

Last week Venezia commenced their latest campaign to be the best dressed club in Europe with the reveal of their new prematch shirt, and that’s now followed up by the highly anticipated 23/24 home shirt, which once again comes from Kappa, with the assistance of German studio, Bureau Borsche. The shirt is symbolic as it captures a Venetian aura of elegance while relating it to a local cultural icon, the famous Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, as a tribute to the work he represents, celebrating his delicate combination of craftmanship and design.

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The Venetian architect's work is distinguished by attention to detail and artistic sensibility that blend with new architectural elements, preserving the elegance of Venice, something the club were eager to pay homage to with their new home jersey. To do this, the shirt includes a simple single button collar, which presents similar to the gold profiles that Scarpa used in order to elevate his works while managing to maintain that elegant simplicity of pure forms that have always been one of his distinctive features.

Keeping that regal theme and continuing with a tried and trusted formula, gold was also used for both the Club's and Kappa's logos, as well as for the inscription "Città di Venezia," which for the first time is located on the side, stacked with the other two logos. This unorthodox presentation is accentuated by the central band that runs from top to bottom in the club’s iconic colours of orange and green. Unusual, but Venezia are all for bucking trends and doing things their own way, and we’re all for the experimentation and the movement outside of the invisible boundaries that have been created through aging traditions. More please.

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The Venezia 23/24 home jersey is available for pre-order at

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