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Venezia Reveal 22/23 Third Shirt From Kappa

Arriving as the final piece in their 22/23 wardrobe, Venezia FC have unveiled their new third shirt for the coming campaign, and it comes in an exquisite gold shade that looks to be one of the most unique football shirts of the season.

Venezia’s kits are notable for their use of gold, the trim often standing out to elevate the designs, particularly last season, though it’s a trend that the club have continued this season with their new home and away shirts. But for the third shirt the gold doesn’t settle for the supporting role, instead taking all the attention for what is one of the ballsiest designs from 22/23. Got to have some minerals to step out in all gold…

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The use of gold doesn’t just stem from the fact that it adds a regal flourish to a design for Venezia though; the club’s frequent use of gold has been an homage to the city’s gilded churches, monuments, and palazzi and the overall historical significance of gold in Venetian art and commerce going back to the Late Medieval and Early Renaissance periods. So a gold shirt is actually a natural extension of their visual narrative. Now you know. 

But there is a high degree of difficulty in striking the right tone in a gold shirt, something few clubs have attempted with varying degrees of success. Go one way and you're left with something that's just too shiny, go the other way and you've just got a yellow shirt that you're trying to palm off as gold.  

With their 22/23 third shirt, Venezia are seeking to top past efforts, thanks to design by Bureau Borsche and expert execution by Kappa. In achieving a beautiful light gold tone with just a subtle touch of shine, Venezia’s third shirt has a luxurious look and feel. The gold body is complemented with black details, and, in the same manner as Venezia’s 22/23 home shirt, the details are vintage football returned from the past to the present, namely the black collar with single-button closure and the long-sleeved option with black cuffs. The shirt is finished with the club’s new crest and elegant Città di Venezia city script in total black.

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The shirt is a particular point of pride for Kappa, who had quietly been working through trial and error on a gold shirt for several years when Venezia brought the idea to the Turin-based brand last year.

We knew it was a high-risk, high-reward endeavor,” said Venezia brand director Ted Philipakos. “But we had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve, combining references from the past with our present vision for the club, and we just put faith in our partners that we would figure it out together.” He continued, “The result is beautiful and we’re proud to have worked with Kappa and Bureau Borsche on the project.

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The 22/23 Venezia third shirt — in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions — is available now on

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