Bringing countless collections to the table, the work SOPHNET have done with F.C. Real Bristol has largely been in collaboration with Nike. However, swapping the swoosh with the slurp of Coca-Cola, things look a little different from here on in.

So what's this then? The end of an era for F.C. Real Bristol? Quite possibly. Though seamless in the delivery, this unveiling of a fresh beginning comes neatly packaged in the above video. A re-awakening with enough stars and stripes to very much keep you American dreaming, the collection itself is marked up as a 'SOPH. Tokyo 17th Anniversary' and as per, suitably keeps you guessing.

Some description

The range appears to be wealthy in its wide offering. Heavy branding and iconic colours, it's very Coca-Cola, very SOPH. T-shirts, skateboards, heavy cotton shirts, college jackets and heaps more before we even get onto the football inspired pieces. Watch the video, pick out the pieces you like and pop that Coke in a bucket of ice. Best served cool.

As ever, you can see more from SOPH. / F.C. Real Bristol here.