Now into their second year of partnership, Dior and PSG have recently unveiled their latest formalwear collection, bringing refined laid-back looks designed by Kim Jones to meet the players' requirements.

PSG and style just go together like Beckham and free kicks; the two are intrinsically linked these days, and never is this more apparent than in their partnership with fashion house Dior. Having originally come together in late 2021, the two-year deal is in its final stretch (unless it gets renewed of course), and it brings with it a typically elegant swagger that’s the trademark of Dior for the club’s latest formalwear collection, which the players will wear on their way to matches.

Proud to pioneer luxury and lifestyle as the official tailor for the club, Dior produced meticulously made suits for the players, once again showing off a passion for Parisian excellence this season. The collection ranges from suits to polo shirts and cashmere coats, all fitted out for an understated yet suave look.

While the levels of unyielding cool are undeniable, it still sees the club being a step away from a more free approach to dress on arrival to games, similar to that of the NBA. We’re convinced it’s coming, and if one team was going to lead the way in that respect it would be PSG.

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In other PSG-related news, Japanese retailer Atmos offered up an early look at the club's latest collab collection with Jordan.

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