Playing off the ongoing success of the nation at the 2022 World Cup, football-inspired brand FC Dorsum have produced a collection under the campaign ‘Visit Korea’, encouraging people to find out about the bubbling excitement of Korean culture.

For those unfamiliar, FC Dorsum is a fictional club, playing in the conceptualised Ipsum league. The running theme of the club name is carried throughout the brand’s identity, with the club crest coming from the Dorsum, a genus of moths. But that’s not where the name originates. No, for that you have to look to the dorsum muscle, located on the top of the foot. It harks back to “putting your laces through it” to produce a shot of power, and that mirrors FC Dorsum’s aim to make a powerful impact in the world of global football and fashion alike. So now you know.

Now, given the increasing interest in Korean football culture, which has been bolstered by the nation’s exploits in Qatar, football-inspired brand F.C. Dorsum taps into their identity for a collection that shows cultural nuance, historical designs, and personal resonance. It features three kits, all produced on Nike templates.

The home shirt is the calling card of the collection, produced on a navy base and bearing the wording “Visit Korea” big and bold in the sponsor slot.

The away kit is dubbed “Hanbok”, which is inspired Korean clothing patterned after clothing worn by nobility and royalty. Commoners were allowed to wear hanbok only on their wedding day and on special occasions. Now, Koreans wear hanbok for formal or semi-formal occasions such as weddings, festivals, and ceremonies. 

The third kit dubbed the “Jageh” kit is inspired by Jageh (Mother of Pearl) that contains patterns made from fragments cut from the inner area of an Abalone Shell. The iridescent shine comes from the properties of a pearl, but is far less expensive and available than the sea stone. Although the cost of the shell in itself is inexpensive, it takes an incredible amount of hours to cut, shape, and place each fragment to the art pieces. This method was used primarily on furniture in the 1960-80's which saw a flurry of house holds having one. 

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