Celebrating the game and bringing fandom together, Umbro has dug deep into the archives to remix ten of its most anthemic international kit designs to create ‘The Nations’ Collection’, a one-of-a-kind fusion of football, fandom and fabric.

Feels weird knowing we’re heading towards Christmas AND a World Cup at the same time, but that’s the crazy times we live in. But while the former won’t get a look in until 1 December (and we’ll have words with anyone who says otherwise) it’s full steam ahead in terms of preparation for the latter. With that in mind, Umbro has presented ‘The Nations’ Collection’, a timeless remix of some of its most iconic styles from the pitch, bringing back contemporary takes of classics such as England 1990, Brazil 1994.

umbro nations 26-min.jpg
umbro nations 25-min.jpg

Umbro has designed standalone collections for England and Brazil, while also creating fusion shirts inspired by classics from the Mexico, France, Spain, USA, Poland and Germany catalogues. Each shirt features a bespoke country crest, inspired by each nation’s sporting and design heritage. These icons represent the passion and pride that is woven into the very fabric of the collection. 

Helene Hope, Global Head of Brand Marketing at Umbro said of the collection: “These shirts may be designed by us, but they have been inspired by plenty of players, many moments, and every fan around the world. A fitting tribute to the legends of past glories and the dreams of trophies to come.

umbro nations 7-min.jpg
umbro nations 16-min.jpg
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The Nations’ Collection by Umbro will be available in selected countries from 7 October.