Continuing to utilise the lifestyle scene to show what’s possible on the pitch, Meyba hook up with Rave Skateboards, producing a bold tie dye effect club kit French skate brand.

With stacks of history and heritage, Meyba are looking to the future and making moves to propel themselves back to the pinnacle of the game, with the grandiose aim of becoming the most switched on football teamwear supplier out there. So whilst actively signing professional clubs like Las Vegas Lights, they also want to push at the boundaries of what a football brand actually is in the evolving world of fashion, street wear and football fusion. To do this the Catalan-based brand is taking the proactive approach of showcasing what is possible in kit design through the lifestyle and streetwear scene. A big part of this comes from the ability and desire to work with brands and people from outside the usual bland remit of most football clubs and suppliers. And so comes their latest collaboration, this time with Rave Skateboards. 

meyba 7-min.jpg
meyba 5-min.jpg

Rave have brought the je ne sais quoi of the French, thrown in the couldn’t care less feel of skaters world wide, and ripped up the rule book creating a bold tie dye effect Rave club kit. Finished with a Medusas head logo and Rave as sponsors, if Meyba have their way this collaboration could be where pro football clubs head next. In fact, if Rave and Meyba have their way we might hopefully see this on a professional football field sooner rather than later.

meyba 2-min.jpg
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The MEYBA x Rave kit is exclusively available from for £55 from this Friday the 27 May.