Extending the exploration of sustainability in the game, AC Milan and PUMA have teamed up with KOCHÉ to unveil a new up-cycling collection at Paris Fashion Week. The capsule collection is made of unused football jerseys completely reworked in limited edition.

A coming together of two fashion power cities in Paris and Milan sees the Rossoneri partnering with KOCHÉ and PUMA for an upcycled collection that fuses the different identities of each entity, creating a mix of KOCHÉ’s distinctive and ambitious design with AC Milan’s heritage and innovative nature and PUMA’s sportswear expertise.

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KOCHÉ Founder and Creative Director Christelle Kocher chose her favourite unused AC Milan PUMA jerseys and mixed them with KOCHÉ’s upcycled fabrics and prints from former seasons. The concept is to redesign, cut, sew and embellish the garment that becomes a luxury KOCHÉ piece with the perfect athleisure touch of AC Milan by PUMA.

Christelle Kocher commented: “Upcycling is a new way to re-imagine fashion and respect the environment. It was exciting for me to create this limited edition KOCHÉ capsule with the help of PUMA and AC MILAN, while considering our impact on the Earth.

AC Milan Chief Revenue Officer Casper Stylsvig added: “We could not be more excited for this incredible collaboration with Christelle Kocher and Puma, inspired by common values such as sustainability, inclusion, creativity and progressiveness. This collaboration shows the versatility of the AC Milan brand and its ability to comfortably move outside of football and make an impact in other areas such as fashion and lifestyle. Moving beyond football is a fantastic and effective way for us to prove our brand’s worth whilst attracting new fans, and doing it with a brand such as KOCHÉ, with whom we share many key values, makes us even more proud.

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Ahead of the official unveiling in Paris, AC Milan players and PUMA Ambassadors Tiémoué Bakayoko and Laura Fusetti had the opportunity to be a part of the campaign of this collection.

Bakayoko commented on the unique design created by KOCHÉ: “This is a very cool collection. I love how they were able to mix the iconic red and black of the AC Milan jersey with bold elements of fashion and overall I think the mix works perfectly.

AC Milan Women player Laura Fusetti added: “This is how you turn a football kit into a trendy outfit! The collection looks great and I love the sustainable aspect of it, with these items being made of upcycled fabrics.

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The AC Milan x Koché x PUMA collection will be available for purchase on www.koche.fr from 28 February.