With one cheeky eye on the summer of international football ahead, adidas have dropped the City Jersey collection, presenting alternate kit designs for some of the major cities around the globe.

Getting around certain licensing rights, adidas have produced a collection of jerseys from key cities around the world, the design of which borrows more than a little from the respective city’s host nation looks. What that means is that the Rome shirt for example, bears a striking resemblance to an Italy national kit. It’s a clever move from the Three Stripes, and one they’ve pulled off before with the five shirts created under the ‘Danketsu Project’ late last year.

city 17-min.jpg
city 16-min.jpg

What this does is provide timeless looks created by a brand with no pressure from any governing body. Retro vibes are combined with Three Stripes stylings across jerseys for Rome, Paris, Los Angeles, Dublin, Glasgow, Munich, Copenhagen, Baku and Bucharest.

The same template is tweaked across all shirts, with national team colours being a huge influence on each. Sublimated Three Stripes are the found shining within the body of the design, combining with retro collars and cuffs for a tidy and timeless blast from the past. 

Rumours and glimpses of further shirts for the likes of London, Bilbao, New York, Amsterdam and St Petersburg are floating around, so whether this is followed up with a second collection we’ll have to wait and see. For now though, what you see is what you get.

city 15-min.jpg
city 14-min.jpg
city 18-min.jpg
city 19-min.jpg
city 10-min.jpg
city 11-min.jpg
city 20-min.jpg
city 21-min.jpg
city 22-min.jpg
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city 12-min.jpg

Shop the City Jersey collection at adidas.co.uk