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adidas Launch The 'City Pack'

A revolution that shan't just be televised. Taking to the streets where football is core, adidas have released a series of reimagined X and ACE boots to take on the small sided game.

Courts and cages, the hard ground of inner city football - adidas have reimagined the ACE and X boots to keep up with the demand of the small sided game. Feisty and aggressive, the 'City Pack' takes inspiration from some of those spots across the globe that capture the spirit of football cool: Hackney of London, Brooklyn of New York and Kreuzberg of Berlin. Time to suit up for the streets.

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Subtle sophistication with nods to flair, each boot carries a bespoke graphic to symbolise the creative game that thrives in each of the cities featured. Football, a scene that has the ability to unite music, art and fashion with unrivalled style, this pack stamps its mark on a game rich in quality - on and off the pitch. Clean and clinical yet tempestuous and trick-laden, these are for those that tear through the game in their own style. Surrounded by the bustle of back-street football the Hackney editions are joined in force by New York's Brooklyn and Berlin's Kreuzberg.

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When it comes to construction and aesthetic, more rugged and durable textiles are used to craft a set of shoes that will come to life under the intense light of a concrete pitch. The base colours of asphalt unify the collection while snippets of bright colour showcase the dynamic vibrancy of each neighbourhood.

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Staying true to the ACE and X philosophy of controlling the game while causing chaos respectively, each has been designed with performance at its core. ACE is re-equipped for games on any surface, with a hard-wearing upper offering playmaking that goes beyond a pitch. X features a new instep contact point increasing abrasion resistance, with the TechFit mid-cut collar offering lockdown fit to demolish the opposition while stepping out into the concrete jungle.

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Street game has no season. Lace up to represent your patch here.


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