Continuing their collaboration game, Umbro have partnered with art and football magazine OOF to celebrate two of the hottest British artists, producing two limited edition shirts of art.

Following up their recent partnership with Rowing Blazers that dropped last month, Umbro now link up with art and football magazine OOF, founded by celebrated art critic Eddy Frankel and gallerists Justin and Jennie Hammond, to create two shirts that take a focus on the art world. For the collaboration, OOF x Umbro asked two of the UK's most exciting contemporary artists – Juno Calypso and Rhys Coren – to create unique pieces of art. But instead of working with canvas, photography or sculpture, they had to use Umbro football shirts as their medium. 

oof 9-min.jpg
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Juno Calypso has gone on to become one of the most recognisable photographers working today, forging a totally unique aesthetic that has seen her go on to collaborate with major fashion brands including Burberry and Stella McCartney. Juno’s shirt for the OOF x UMBRO collaboration plays on familiar Calypso themes, emblazoned with the name of an imagined brothel, and set against a heady wall of wavy pink stripes. It's confrontational, sinister and undeniably Juno Calypso. 

Rhys Coren uses his art to create an ultra-rhythmic visual world, filled with clashing primary colours, cartoon bubbles, modernist grids and countless nods to rave and disco culture. Across painting, animation, silkscreen, sound and performance, Coren has created a body of work that's as unique as it is pretty. Like the Bauhaus designing the set for a kids' TV show about acid house, this is intense and seriously bold art. And his shirt design is no different, made of stark geometric shapes and bursting with blue, yellow and red. Its floral, primary colour modernism makes for one of the most sunshine-friendly football shirts you'll ever see. 

Strictly limited to 300 pieces, each shirt comes with a signed, numbered certificate of authenticity. 

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Both shirts are available now on