Exploring the reach of football and how it influences street culture, Umbro have partnered up with New York City skate brand, Grand for a limited edition capsule that celebrates timeless sportswear.

Showcasing the the mix of football and street culture, Umbro and Grand have come together for a limited edition capsule collection that sees the New York skate brand reimagine signature sporting pieces with its distinct design imprint. It’s yet another example of the return of the tracksuit as a common place piece amongst the extended footballing wardrobe, something which in turn reaches across boundaries.

Me and my friends always wore Umbro growing up,” said Grand founder, Ben Oleynik. “The pieces I loved back then, I still love now. That’s something we’ve always tried to do with Grand: make things that last, both in terms of quality and aesthetic. It’s an honour to partner with a brand that we’ve always worn and admired. 

Accompanying the capsule, Grand Collection has also released a short film chronicling a day with Grand team rider Connor Champion skating through New York City, adorned in the statement tracksuit from the collection, exhibiting the cross over from pitch to street, and how what was once an exclusive staple of the sport and footballing world is now welcomed on the street scene.

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The Umbro x Grand Collection is available on umbropremier.com