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Umbro Universitario Limited Edition Third Kit

Kings of minimalist style and defining what a football shirt is all about, Umbro add some more heart and a dash of soul in releasing a ltd edition 3rd kit for Universitario.

Flanked in gold, and embroidered all over, this 3rd kit for Peruvian side Universitario is in every sense a gem. With chameleon charm a plenty, it's one of those that will happily go from the pitch to party and raise appreciative eyebrows on route.

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Subtle in detail, it's the simple shimmer and class above that set this treasure bearing treat aside. A v-necked collar, the all black base lends itself as the perfect canvas for the red and cream of the clubs crest to pop. Having had its first on pitch roll out over the weekend it's also a fixture that lends itself to sponsors nicely. South American shirts splashed with logos all over, it adds some character and locks a shirt into a point of time. Right now, the time is ticking with tailored tones and Umbro continue to deliver.


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