Music and football have always shared a special relationship, and now Amplified merge those worlds with the Rock FC collection, which features shirt designs inspired by four of the greatest musicians and rock bands of all time.

Bowie. Marley. Pink Floyd. AC-DC. The best music in the world will always be timeless, and Amplified has chosen to use four of the greatest performers of all time as inspiration for its new Rock FC collection. It features four shirts with unique and striking designs, with each one paying tribute to one of the aforementioned musical acts. 

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Each stunning design features subtle nods and influence from one of the respective artist’s most memorable pieces of work. While there’s no official branding in sight on the shirts, we’d happily see some of these designs head pitch side, and, although these particular efforts sit firmly in the lifestyle section, it’s yet another example of the cross-over between the music and sport cultures.

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The Pink Floyd shirt highlights the 1973 album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’, taking the famous prism from the album’s cover and positioning it in place of a traditional club crest. The rainbow effect, again from the album’s cover, then stretches across the chest, while the year of release sits on the right of the chest, in place of any branding.

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The AC/DC shirt focuses on the 1981 album, ‘For Those About To Rock, We Salute You’, with a striking sublimated lightning bolt graphic running down the centre of both the front and back. The album’s title is then split, with the first half appearing alongside the canon of the album’s cover on the crest and the second half appearing on the rear of the neck. The shirt is finished with a silhouette of lead guitarist, Angus Young, on the right of the chest.

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Jamaica is the obvious focus for the Bob Marley shirt, and there wouldn’t be many complaints if the national team turned out in something similar to this. The colours of the Jamaican flag are joined by the Lion of Judah, the reggae man’s name, and a ‘Iron Lion Zion’ sign off on the back of the neck, acknowledging the song of the same name, which the Marley apparently penned in '73, before being posthumously released in 1992. 

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Last but not least, David Bowie’s sixth studio album, Aladdin Sane, is the choice for the shirt that pays homage to the late great British musician. That album was released in 1973 (bit of a theme through the collection), and that’s acknowledged in the crest, which also features his famous lightning bolt makeup. That particular nod is taken further, with a striking sublimated lightning bolt graphic that stretches from the left shoulder to the right hip. Each sleeve then features a stylised ‘Bowie’ sign off.

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