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Umbro Launch Gremio 20/21 Home & Away Shirts

Entering their fifth year of partnership, Umbro launch the Gremio 2020/21 home and away shirts, which feature designs inspired by the passionate fans of the Brazilian club, along with details that call back to the team’s success in the Club World Cup of 1983.

Following up the designs for rivals Fluminense, for the 2020 Campeonato Brasileiro Série A season, Umbro have presented Gremio with two designs that both pay homage to the Gremistas' claw, through the phrase “É Puro Sentimento” (“It's Pure Feeling”), reaffirming the position of the Tricolour of blue, black and white as a club for all.

gremio 3-min.jpg

The home shirt comes in the traditional colours of the club, with the black and blue vertical stripes separated by thinner white borders, while a subtle geometric pattern appears inside the blue stripes for a subtle twist on the tradition.

For the away shirt, a white base is complemented by tonal stripes that feature the same pattern that’s carried across from the home shirt.

Both feature two exclusive labels; the first, on the hem of the shirts, has the phrase “É Puro Sentimento”, along with the shield made to celebrate the Club World Cup won in 1983, and an octagonal shape with a silver background surrounds these elements to highlight its significance. The second seal, at the nape of the neck, bears the Umbro Double Diamond, above ‘branches of victory’ in a geometric shape, with the stylised Grêmio flag and the phrase “Clube de Todos”.

gremio 2-min.jpg

Both the home and away shirts are available at

Daniel Jones

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