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F.C. Real Bristol To Drop Simpsons Capsule Collection

F.C. Real Bristol are no strangers to a left-field collab here and there, and the Japanese brand’s latest hook up with the animated world of The Simpsons falls well and truly in that alternative bracket. Offering an extensive collection, the F.C.R.B. x Simpsons capsule is comprised of clothing, apparel and accessories.

The Simpsons will forever live as a timeless cultural phenomenon that has spanned decades, enjoying unprecedented popularity throughout the world. And in one of the weirder crossovers to come into existence, the family from Springfield have become the focus of the latest capsule from F.C. Real Bristol. Bart Simpson takes centre stage, with Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie taking on a supporting role across the range.


The collection consists of white and black tees that feature the familiar F.C.R.B. logo, although they’re intruded on by Bart and his soccer ball. Just got to hope that Homer remembers to pick him up from training – "Trab Pu Kcip." The tees are then joined by a tote bag constructed from canvas materials that features Bart's graffitti-tagging alter-ego ‘El Barto’, a phone case in black, square pillow, keyring and a towel. All bases pretty exhaustively covered for F.C. Real Bristol’s Simpsons fans.


The full F.C. Real Bristol x Simpsons collection drops on June 17 at


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