Big shapes and heavy patterns are familiar territory as far as F.C. Real Bristol are concerned. Dropping clean lines and a more tech focused collection Sophnet have unveiled what Spring/Summer '17 looks like for this mythical football team.

From the sock up this collection is leading the line in its bespoke style and as the season starts to shift into differing conditions, the range reflects what a creative-heavy, 'business end' to the season looks like. Warm up jackets have been matched up with track pants and shirts equally pair up with shorts. Where the patterns lean on the minimalist side of the game, they are vocalised through bold colours. Naturally, this isn't a team that hits the pitch quietly. Like a 90s rave season on a contemporary pitch - this is serious sports wear with a rebellious edge. Just the way we like it.

Some description

F.C. Real Bristol garments for a considerable time were ushered onto the stage with a swoosh backing. Cutting shapes while weaving Sophnet into the spotlight, the F.C. Real Bristol releases of late have retained a maverick essence though perhaps with the shackles loose, there is more room for manoeuvre as far as a disruptive edge is concerned. Regardless, this drop is fresh. An enlightened approach from on of the greatest teams you can't play for but you certainly can rep. Game on.

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