We take a closer look at some key 2014 Spring/Summer apparel pieces from the Nike & SOPHNET. collaboration "F.C. Real Bristol".

Fusing fashion and football F.C. Real Bristol or F.C.R.B is a long running collaboration between Nike and Japanese fashion house SOPHNET. The label blurs the lines between streetwear and soccer uniforms creating pieces that are both suitable on and off the pitch as well as a range of casual clothing inspired by the beautiful game.

In 1999, “BRISTOL” was an imaginary football club that only existed inside the minds of SOPHNET employees. But fiction soon became a reality as SOPH. launched an independent label named F.C. Real Bristol that developed soccer uniforms for the imaginary club's players as original fashion wear, as well as pieces for the clubs imaginary supporters. Nike agreed with the concept and the collaboration was born.

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As well as more subtle tees and tech flees, the Nike F.C. Real Bristol Spring/Summer collection features a host of technical pieces that have been given the signature F.C.R.B treatment. Bold patterns and brightly coloured camoflauge prints, something that the brand has become synonymous with, mix it up with Nike's modern tech fabrics. 

The Nike F.C. Real Bristol collection is available now at End.