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New York Designer Thom Browne Becomes Official Tailor for FC Barcelona

In recent years, the likes of PSG and FC Barcelona have embraced travel and suited attire. Taking steps into esteemed contemporary couture, designer Thom Browne has announced a tailored collaboration with Barcelona that takes the game into a different level of design.

It's another step into the sports scene for Thom Browne having worked with NBA teams previously. Naturally, with much of  the off pitch inspiration for football being born out of the basketball set up, it's another parallel to show how these sports are both synonymously embracing cultures outside their own. Announced as the official tailor for the FC Barcelona squad, it's with a subtle delivery and short shorts that Brown revealed this news.


A two season deal, Browne will lend his creative head to FC Barcelona for the 2018 and 2019 seasons and the formal wear will be worn as the team head out on the road for away games as part of the La Liga and Champions League campaigns. To be seen in airports and heading off of buses around the globe, it's a good look for some of the games greatest names. Suited and fresh for the new season, sport meet style - you're now friends forever.


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