Teased last week, the new Thom Browne x Barcelona capsule collection has now been revealed in full, and it has been inspired by the Catalan club to raise money for the Barca Foundation.

Following up the tease from last week, Thom Browne has unveiled the full 2020 Barcelona capsule collection, and it’s… interesting. Now the thing to bear in mind with this collection is that all proceeds from it will go directly to the Barca Foundation, which is currently focused on helping vulnerable children all around the world struggling with the ongoing hardships of the coronavirus pandemic. So a very good cause. That being said, we can’t help but think that the approach with this one was to try to introduce a new house to compete with Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. House Barca, with head boy Leo Messi flying around on his Nimbus 2000. Has a ring to it and he is a little magician after all.

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Inspired by the club's footballing heritage and philosophy, the Thom Browne charity fashion collection comprises a stylishly sharp football kit theme that features a blazer. a pair of tailored shorts, cardigan, oxford shirt, tie, socks, knit hat, folio, wallet and two scarves. Full disclosure: one’s worth £1330 while the other is a mere £430. Gives you an idea of the price ranges we're talking about here. Primark special this ain't. All for a good cause though, remember.

"The relationship with FC Barcelona has been about two years now and it's a strong relationship,” explained Browne. "The one thing that has been important to me was making sure that we did something that made a difference outside of just Thom Browne and FC Barcelona. They have an amazing foundation, and for us it was important to be able to contribute in some way. And the best way – and the most authentic way – for us to entertain contributing was to create this collection that [showed] the relationship between us and all the proceeds go to the foundation.

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The Thom Browne x Barcelona Barca Foundation Capsule collection is available at thombrowne.com