Or already knew, seeing as though he's all the whole world has been talking about the past week... Now that Paul Pogba is officially a Premier League player and officially the world's most expensive footballer, we've plucked out ten facts, assumptions and things you simply must know before he unleashes his first #Pogboom in anger.

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1. Partick Thistle Awaits

Whilst Paul has been installed as one of the most famous footballers on the planet, his older brother Mathias has had to graft through the lower leagues for a living with spells at Wrexham, Crewe, Crawley and now Partick Thistle in Scotland. Just a 3.5 hour drive from Old Trafford, expect to see Paul at Firhill Stadium dabbing on Mathias this season. Flash haircut, same boots, wears number 99, he's definitely a Pogba.

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2. His Bromance With Drake

Pogba spent a week chilling with various celebrities in the United States before his move to Man United, which gave him a chance to re-ignite his bromance with Drake. Meeting backstage in Madison Square Garden before hitting a New York nightclub. That's next level Premier League partying, similar to James Milner's summer we imagine. Although he does owe him a new shirt now. #bros4lyf

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3. He's a Short Sleeve/Glove Offender

You're better than that Paul. You're lucky Roy Keane ain't around no more.

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4. He's Had More Trims Than Hot Dinners


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5. He's Got Eight Legs

Not literally. But his nickname in Italy was Il Polpo, which translates to Octopus. A reference to his long legs, not because he has no internal skeleton and squirts ink at predators. You'd probably get booked for that.

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6. The Pressure Is On

The previous two players to wear the number six shirt at Manchester United? Sir Wesley Brown and Lord Jonathan Evans. Tough acts to follow. Pogba becomes the first midfielder to wear the number six shirt for United in the Premier League and the club will be banking on flogging a few more than they did with Wes and Jonny.

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7. His Entrance Couldn't Have Been Any More 'Footballer'

He flew into Manchester on a private jet direct from his extended holiday in the United States, and was chauffeured to his medical in a bright red sports car. Gold bag, shades and a pair of Yeezys. Big time indeed.

8. Foot Like a Traction Engine

#PogBOOM explained. Not just known for his striding runs and slick ball control, Pogba held the trigger to one of Serie A's most lethal weapons, that right foot. Shoot on sight, from any angle. Yeah, we'll have a bit of that in the Premier League please. 

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9. 386,957

That how many pairs of adidas ACE 16 + PURECONTROL boots you could buy with the amount of money that Man United paid for Paul Pogba. That's enough pairs to kit out the entire population of Iceland. 

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10. A Fortune of Foxes

Leicester City's title winning squad was assembled for just £31m last season. That would buy you Pogba's left nut.