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Liverpool x '47 | Short Film & New Collection

Celebrating the spirit that is sewn into the souls of Liverpool fans while embracing tailored traditions, '47 have launched this short film to coincide with their latest collection of club wears. Cultured and cared for, this brand gets it.

The film itself, created by '47, shows the connection a number of Liverpool fans have with their club. Crossing demographics in the process, this lifestyle offering is one that comes trimmed with a genuine touch. The brand taking the time to really get to the core of what cobbles the streets of Liverpool, it's a thought out celebration of fandom that is at home in the Kop.

Naturally, the accessories we pick up as football fans have a deep connection and you know that just one glance over at your chosen scarf can bring back a thousand moments. Cherished clothing like nothing else in your wardrobe, this is a meeting of minds with sentiment serenading the soul.

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A refreshing campaign that goes further than simply releasing a product line, it's all about building a connection. Capped and woven, it's one that crosses a traditional tee-shirt with contemporary cap. Curving the peak too, it's on point in the delivery as the values of this brand are dedicated to landing with quality. From the materials used to the finished item, it's ideal wearing for those winter nights and compliments those cool evenings in fine form.

If it's good for Klopp, it's good for the Kop. You can pick up a '47 piece here.


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