MC Nelson brings his own story of football and music to the fore with 47 and Liverpool FC as part of their “This Means More” series of films. A scouser through and through, MC Nelson's path has been influenced by his club along very step of the way.

The career of rapper and musician MC Nelson has been shaped by the Merseyside scene. Leading a new wave of hip-hop away from London to Liverpool, MC Nelson possesses the pride typical of the people of this fine city, and it's in the red half of Liverpool where his allegiances lie.

Linking up with his club as part of the new 47 collaboration, MC Nelson was one of a quartet of Liverpudlian talent that came together to share what their beloved club means to them and how it will always represent home no matter where their respective skills take them. Look out for more short films in the coming months as 47 ride high on the wave of hype coming out of Anfield right now.


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