Having masterminded the F.C. Real Bristol collections for Nike, Hirofumi Kiyonaga has swept his hand across the illustrious brand that is Paris Saint-Germain to create a FW15 collection of swag.

Known the world over for their marble coated class, PSG tend to choose their collaborations carefully. Matching their elite ethos and ultra cool taste, linking up with SOPHNET. founder Hirofumi Kiyonaga mirrors this with plenty a shimmer of style.

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No ordinary merch. You can forget the burger van pop up that plasters the surrounding area of many a ground, the Parisian charm of culture runs throughout all aspects of this club is truly unique. Symbolic of that, this capsule collection grabs that spirit by the royal threads. A range of grey, white and dark navy hoodies, sweatpants and pullovers among other pieces, each carries the famous mark of PSG. Regal goodness, it's now available at EDIFICE stores in Japan. Smart.