Paris Saint-Germain and Jordan brand break away from the conventions of their partnership to date, abandoning performance apparel for a collection that is purely lifestyle oriented.

Up until now, PSG and Jordan’s relationship has remained pretty much strictly professional. But you know how these things go around this time of year… What starts as a bit of harmless flirting soon escalates after a few drinks at the work Christmas do, and before you know it there’s a mini lifestyle capsule brought into the world… Well, that’s sort of how it works anyway. And here we are with what is one of the collaboration’s first purely lifestyle focussed collections. No jersey release to support, no wider on pitch apparel, just a straight up set of threads for the street.

psg 1-min.jpg

Abandoning any hint of performance related apparel and instead made up of a range of hoodies, tees, sweats, pants and a cap, with a banging puffer jacket to top it all off with, the PSG x Jordan capsule arrives with seasonal green hues throughout, combined with black tones. Some signature font style and of course the Jumpman combined with the Parisian club’s branding lend the perfect sign off to the collection. An easy look that’s perfectly suited to the time of year.

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