Another big name has been signed, sealed and delivered for PUMA, with news that Bayern Munich’s French international Kingsley Coman has signed with the brand. It’s an exciting new chapter in the 24 year old’s career, which has already seen him travel from Paris to Munich via Turin, and were fortunate to get to talk with him about his exciting journey to date.

Kingsley Coman has become the latest big name to make his move to PUMA official, having been seen training in the brand’s boots in recent weeks before turning up to Clairefontaine for international duty in a PUMA tracksuit, all but confirming his switch from the Swoosh ahead of today’s official announcement. Having registered a top speed of 35.68 km/h in the Bundesliga this season Coman is one of the fastest players in the league, making him a natural fit for the Ultra – PUMA’s next-gen speed boot silo.

Coman broke on to the scene at such a young age that he’s one of those players that feels like he’s been around for ages, and yet he’s still only 24. His amazing 2019/20 season with Bayern, in which the team captured the continental treble for the second time in the club’s history, was capped off when he scored the winning goal in the Champions League final against Paris Saint-Germain, taking home the man of the match award in the process. He has won 11 domestic cups, the UEFA Supercup, FIFA Club World Cup and the Champions League, during his time at Bayern Munich, PSG and Juventus, but having missed out on the World Cup triumph of 2018 due mainly to injury, he’s hungry for success on the international scene. Quite the story, with plenty more to come.

Firstly, what’s that rush of blood like when you score a champions league winning goal?

I felt joy, extreme joy. I was proud. It was a childhood dream.

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It must have been a strange but incredible experience, how would you describe the moments after a game like that?

After the game, we still feel like we are in a dream. We do not realise that this really happened. For me, it was almost like a perfect day. 

You’ve won so much silverware, so many trophies – what does that do for your mindset looking forward? You’ve set a standard that is so elite...

I want to continue on the same path. At the beginning, I would say I was in the right place at the right time. But the more I play and the more titles we get, the hungrier I am. Getting tittles makes you feel like you are helping the team to win. Every title gives me a feeling of happiness. I want to feel this type of emotions over and over again. 

When you look back to your time at PSG, then Juventus, what was that journey like? 

I am happy with my journey. I did not always choose the easy way out. When I left Paris, I could have chosen a smaller club with more playing time. But I have always believed in myself. I did not choose the easy option. I chose the option that I knew would make me grow, and where I could become the best player possible in the best time possible. I think I made the right choices. 

What you have achieved since then is remarkable – how much do you owe it to those years of learning at PSG and Juventus?

I learned about the winning culture. I have always been in clubs where winning was important. We can win 10 times and lose 1 time, and still get mad. We do not just see the 10 wins. I have been influenced and shaped by this winning culture a lot. This is why today I can play with high-level clubs. I am able to stay focus during the whole season. I stay focus even when we won 3 our 4 games in a row. 

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What happened to you when you joined Bayern? Did you feel the energy and motivation for this club to be a real moment for you?

At the beginning, no. I only did one year in Italy previously. I did not really know what to expect. I did not know the culture. But the club has welcomed me very well. After the first months, and the first games, I understood that I will be happy in the club.

You’ve always had a strong style but how much have you learnt about yourself in the last few years?

I became more professional, especially when I am not on the football pitch. On the field, I have always given my best. But I learned that it is important to stay focus, and to be surrounded by the right people. I have learned that what you do outside football matters too and can help you to be better on the pitch.

Talking about your character and personality, you seem to have a strong creative eye - how would you describe your mind away from football?

I am creative as well. I am the same as the one on the football pitch but calmer. When playing, I try to be reactive, and to make a difference.  So outside football, I keep my energy for the pitch. I am more relaxed. When I have some free time, I also like to create and do things that are different. 

How have your tastes changed over time?

When I was young, I liked flashy clothes. I had flashy hair colours with drawings. With maturity, we changed. I used to buy a lot of sneakers. Today, I am more into cars, and real-estate. Now, buying a nice bed or a nice couch feels better than getting a pair of sneakers. 

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How do you find a balance between your football life and the rest?

There is not a real balance. It’s 90% football and 10% for the rest [laughs]. Football comes first. If there is something wrong with football, I will not be happy even though everything outside football goes well.  Football shapes my life. I try to do things outside football, but at the end of the day football stays the most important element.

How do you balance your time outside football?

With the current situation, we cannot really do any activities. So, it’s a lot of recovery time, and I try to enjoy time with family.

How do you express who you are outside football?

There is social media. However, I am not someone who likes to show off. I spend time and speak with my friends. I also have a clothing line with partners (Chmps ?! Parisse) where I can express my creativity.

Where do you think that creative edge comes from?

I believe it comes from my childhood. I have always liked to dream. When I was young, I was a fan of Ronaldinho. He was not the player who scored the most, or who delivered the most assists. Nonetheless, he was a creative player. In stadiums, he was the kind of player who would bring you out of your seats.

When I was young, I wanted to amaze the crowd as well. I wanted fans of performance, and beautiful actions to appreciate the game. This is what I try to achieve, more or less effectively.

What do Kingsley Coman’s dreams look like? 

I think the older you get, the less dreams you have. I have also accomplished a lot of my dreams. Now, I want to enjoy the present moment, enjoy what I have achieved, and try to reach higher.

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Do you ever think back to what you dreamt of as a kid?

Yes, often. When I re-examine myself, I like to have a global opinion, I like to know about the positive and the negative points. And when I realise that I am where I wanted to be five years ago, I am happy and proud of myself.

Who were your idols growing up?

Ronaldinho. He was my number one idol.

Having achieved so much, what else is there you’d like to accomplish?

I would love to win a title with the National Team. Unfortunately, I was not present for the last World Cup. I did a Euro final. I think winning a national title, playing for the Nation gives you a different type of feelings. It’s a beautiful feeling to play for the National Team.

Can you tell us about the pride connected to wearing the French National team shirt?

We are French. When we are young, we dream. We all support a particular club: Paris, Lyon, Marseille and so on. But we also all support the National Team. When the National Team plays, it represents France as a whole. It’s a real pride.

What would winning a major tournament with France mean to you?

It would be wonderful to win with the National Team. This is what is missing for me. When this will be achieved, I could say that I won all the titles that a team can win.  After that, the objective will be an individual title. But first, a competition with the National Team would be amazing.

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How are you going to celebrate when we’re clear of this pandemic?

Normally I just prefer private events with friends. I am a homebody, but I have had enough of staying at home. When everything reopens, I will be with friends and family. I will be outside, and no more staying at home! 

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