SoccerBible Volumes is our new print publication that explores the creative side of football over 300 pages that play host to a spoiling of talent. And nestled comfortably amongst that group is French international and Champions League winner, Kingsley Coman.

Kingsley Coman has done something only an elite and esteemed group can say they have. Scoring the winning goal in a Champions League final is a level few will ever reach. Achieving so much and at just 24 years old, the script is something he can just keep writing, milestone after milestone. However, taking stock, realising the dreams he is fulfilling and what’s next for him to explore is a fascinating proposition. This summer, it’s set to be big.

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How would you describe the ups and downs of last year? We all have to handle things our way, but has your outlook on life changed?

Last season was full of twists and turns. It was an exceptional season. We won everything with the Bayern Munich. But because of the pandemic, it was also a unique season. This global phenomenon has pushed us to change our way of life. Many people have lost their jobs, and some have gone bankrupt. Millions of people became ill, and many have died. Knowing this, I can only feel blessed and privileged! I have the chance to do the best job in the world, to make a living out of my passion and to be in good health. This situation should make us more united and humbler in the face of life's events.

What is most emotionally valuable to you?

The fact that my family members are in good health. This is the most important to me.

With what you do in the field, you have the capacity to make people happy. You've done it a few times before - how do you think about it with an international tournament in mind?

Yes, it is an incredible pleasure to be able to give in general. If through my sport I can help to bring joy to people, it’s just wonderful. 

Regarding the tournament, I am not going to make any prediction. It’s not my style. First of all, I hope to have the chance to participate in this EURO 2021 and if so I will give my all for France! For my country. We have a wonderful audience and supporters, and we will do our best to give them strong emotions and make them vibrate with us!

What are your memories of the summer tournaments you watched as a kid? What are the moments that have left their mark on you the most?

I have incredible memories of those times. During these major international tournaments such as the World Cup or the Euro, there is a special atmosphere, a communion, and a strong fervour throughout France. There are no more barriers, no more communities but only one single nation who is supporting its country. Even people who are not really passionate about football, are behind the French team during this period. And it’s beautiful! One of the highlights for me was the 2006 World Cup Final. I was 10 years old and I saw France losing in the final to Italy. While we had an incredible team with great players like Zinedine Zidane, Franck Ribery, Eric Abidal, Lilian Thurham or even Thierry Henry.

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Long days and evenings spent playing football – to which extent those memories have made you happy when growing up with the World Cup or European Championship in the background?

It's amazing! We were replaying the World Cup in my neighbourhood. Each team represented a country, and we gave it all from morning till night. I think all children who are passionate about football experience the same thing all over the world. That is why we love this sport so much.

Football has the unique potential of bringing people together – how important it is to keep that in mind? We should celebrate the unity that football can bring even more, right?

Yes, football is powerful. Especially during International competitions. It gives strong emotions! And I think it will be even more special during this global pandemic period. People want to vibrate. I hope that the health situation will make possible to have supporters in stadiums.

How does it feel to be in the France team? Is it still surreal? Does it eventually become normal?

No, for me it will never be normal. I have been with the French team since the age of 15, and I had the chance to make all the youth selections up to the French A team. The sense of pride is still very strong. There is no greater honour for a footballer than playing for his country. And even more for a selection as prestigious as France. Wearing the blue jersey, hearing the national anthem give emotions that are hard to describe. And this team is strong because we all feel the same.

What would it mean for you to be able to finish this summer with a medal?

I took part in EURO 2016 in France, and we lost the final. It was very hard. But since then, I have learned so much. I grew up and won a lot of titles with one of the biggest clubs in the world. Winning trophies with the French team is clearly a goal for me. We will go to the EURO to win it while respecting all our opponents. This is the mentality of our manager, the staff and all the players.

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We can see you incorporating a medal into your look – wearing it like a necklace – what do you think?

As long as it's a gold medal.

I was just kidding, but it's cool to see that in the NBA, for example, or in the NFL, celebration rings are very fashionable. Is this something that you would wear?

Yes, I like that culture a lot. But personally, I will not walk around with this type of jewellery. Instead, I will put it with my other trophies on a shelf.

Is your family proud to see you succeed? Do you sometimes speak with them about your background and the level you have reached?

Yes, the presence of my family is essential in my career. My parents, my big brother and my wife are pillars for me. We often discuss how far we have come together because it's not just my success, it's ours. It is thanks to them that I have been able to reach this level.

Did it seem possible to do everything you did when you were a child? What do you think helped you move up from one level to the next in terms of mental toughness?

I have always been ambitious. I am a determined person. But when I was a kid, I would not imagine that I would have one of the biggest track record in French football clubs. It is a source of pride. But I am not satisfied. I want to go further. The mind is essential to become a champion, and this goes for all sports. When I was younger a lot of players were more talented than me. But I have worked a lot and I am working even more today. No one is harder on myself than me. I am very self-demanding. The Bayern Munich, the history of the club, the Management and my team-mates also give me that kind of mentality. I had the same demands with the Juventus in Turin. Winning becomes vital! Perhaps, what made the difference between the others and me when I was a child was the fact that I already had this mentality.

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By being part of the National Team after the games you have played – and with the clubs – you are a role model for the next generation. How does it feel to have that kind of responsibility?

It is a great responsibility to be an example. I am not perfect, and I continue to learn every day. Like all young people, I made mistakes and will continue to make them. However, if I can give one piece of advice for the next generation, it is to accept to suffer in order to achieve their goals, to achieve their dreams. Everything is possible for those who believe and work tirelessly.

There is no doubt that many people have been true supporters in getting you to where you are. Who are the people you would most like to reciprocate or use your platform to help?

As I told you, my parents and my big brother were the people who supported me the most. Without them I would have never done it. My brother is the one who challenges me the most regarding my game and my performances. He tells me the truth and always pushes me to go further.

With the pandemic, football has had the opportunity to take stock and reassess itself. What would you like to change the most in this sport if you could?

Personally, I was shocked by the racist remarks made during the PSG vs Basaksehir match in December 2020. The pandemic and the empty stadiums have brought to light and made more visible this kind of actions. They are intolerable and unacceptable. If there is one thing I would like to change, this is it! No more racism in the stands or on the pitch… nowhere!

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