No one could have predicted how the 2020/21 season would pan out, least of all Dominic Calvert-Lewin. The young Everton striker had been enjoying his most prolific season to date as a professional footballer, only to have the rug pulled out from under him. Now, like the rest of us, he’s sat at home, waiting. So we thought we’d give him a call for ‘The Dial Up’, checking to see how the fashionista forward was holding up.

Prior to lockdown, Dominic Calvert-Lewin was in the form of his life, racking up 13 goals in 27 league appearances; numbers that led to him signing a new contract with Everton and that saw his name linked with a first senior international call-up – an enticing prospect with the Euros just around the corner. But all of that has gone out of the window, and now the 23-year old is just focusing on maintaining his fitness, and his sanity, with the onset of cabin fever only a day without exercise away, as he explained it.

You could say that for DCL, the three F’s are what define him: family, football and fashion. But as with so many of us, lockdown has restricted his access to all of those things that he holds dear. Instead, he’s stuck in his house with two of his mates. Thankfully for him though, one of them is a chef. Couldn’t have planned that much better really. But while he has to put the three F’s to one side for the time being, they’re replaced by three other F’s: fitness, focus and future. The rest will return in due time, and after speaking to him we're in no doubt that when it does, DCL will be ready and raring to go.

I was enjoying my football, just wanted to keep getting on the pitch and scoring really so it wasn't the best time but all the work that I've been doing, and everything I’ve done so far can’t be taken away. So it's about continuing to stay focussed and picking up where I left off”
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My family and football come before everything. So just because I am interested in something else doesn't mean that I'm not studying the game, working hard, and doing what's required to be the best I can possibly be”
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