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Caroline Weir Talks 2019 World Cup At StockX Shoot

Having just missed out on the 2019 WSL title, Manchester City Women capped off their season by adding the FA Women’s Cup to the FA WSL Continental Cup for a nice domestic double. Caroline Weir, who joined the club from Liverpool to challenge for trophies, fulfilled her aim and then some and she now looks forward to a maiden World Cup with Scotland.

The 23 year old attacking midfielder fulfilled a lifelong dream when she belted in a free kick against Jamaica in Scotland’s last game before the World Cup, allowing her to knee slide across the turf of Hamden in front of a record home crowd of 18,555. Prior to that, we caught up with Caroline at the StockX shoot, and we took the opportunity to talk about the advancement of the women’s game as well as her feelings going into the World Cup…

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How are you feeling going into the summer and the prospect of the World Cup?

I’m excited and looking forward to it. It’s a big summer for Scotland in general with this World Cup and we’re all looking forward to getting out to France. Obviously having that first game against England adds something extra too. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

When you look back over the last twelve months, have you felt the profile of the Women’s game grow?

Definitely, and not just in England either. In Scotland with the national team qualifying for the World Cup, it’s brought a lot of interest off the pitch. There’s been a lot more media coverage and media interaction too. It’s a great time to be part of that squad. Similarly in the WSL, it just keeps growing in terms of an audience which is great. It’s an exciting time to be part of Women’s football in general, I’m proud to be part of this generation.

You mention the off the pitch element of the game – how big is that crossover between football and the lifestyle side of the game for you?

Yeah it’s huge. I think with modern day football, the off the pitch aspect is a significant part of the game now. It’s what a lot of the players and supporters are interested in. So much is about image and dressing well. Naturally, what happens on the pitch is most important but off the pitch aspects have never been more prominent than they are today. It’s cool to be involved with brands like StockX who are trying to bring something new to football.

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StockX have taken a female first approach with this campaign, which is refreshing. Do you think this summer can be a real catalyst to boost the profile of Women’s football even more?

Absolutely. I think with every tournament the profile and the spotlight grows but I think this one feels a lot different. Even in the last two years, the attention and growth of the game has been so positive. It’s great and hopefully it just keeps developing and this summer helps push it on further and gets more people watching it.

What about you personally when it comes to trends in football, do you take notice of what other people are wearing or do you like to express your own personality through what you wear?

I think personally it’s not so much about getting into specific brands for the sake of it. It’s important you pick and wear things that make you feel most comfortable. I do like to dress up for events and things like that and making that kind of considered effort. I’m happy to say that I like wearing nice dresses and things like that because we do spend most of the time in trackies, shorts and t-shirts. Having the chance to dress up and go through hair and make up is something I enjoy just as much as a good pair of sneakers. It’s not so much about having the essential designer brands for me.

Quite often when a brand gets into a changing room, it can wash its way through the team – you’re conscious not to get swept up in trends just because others say so?

Yeah absolutely. Quite often girls will come into the changing room wearing brands I’ve never heard of. I respect that but I know what I like and I like to make choices off my own back rather than just because a brand is on trend, you know?

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When it comes to expressing yourself and your personality, would you say football is the number one way you do that?

Yeah I think so. It’s obviously been such a big point of my life for such a long time. I’d say there’s a lot more to me than just football though. What happens on the pitch for me is quite separate to me off it. I’d say I’m the same character both on and off the pitch but they’re two worlds. You can’t be defined by what you do for a living in life across any field or industry. You as a person is what is most important and I would rather be known as someone who has a positive influence.

Scotland get their World Cup campaign underway against England on 9 June.

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