This is a man who has won it all. In terms of trophies Dani Alves is the most successful player in the history of football. He's won more than anybody else. At 35 he could be forgiven for slowing down, but that's not in his nature. He's embracing new-era football while adding to his stocked and stacked trophy cabinet.

For a player so well decorated and experienced you'd also forgive him for passing on media duties. A fashion focused man who continues to influence players and fans alike, his relevance is reflected as he turns up to launch the PSG x Jordan collaboration with Kylian Mbappe, a teammate 16 years his junior. We sat down with Alves to hear his thoughts on this heavyweight link up between the Parisians and Jumpman.


Dani, this is the first time that the Jordan Brand have made football shirts. Why do you think they chose to collaborate with PSG?

I think Jordan and PSG are a great fit. This is a big statement for Jordan to be involved in football and I’m happy they chose to partner with PSG. This is a club that will try new things. This is a first for football and it’s really exciting to be a part of.

What do you think of the shirts?

I love them. The Jordan logo looks so comfortable on a football shirt, it’s really interesting to see the famous logos of PSG and Jordan next to each other. The black and white jerseys are beautiful. We will be wearing them in the Champions League too, which is a big challenge for us.

What’s your own relationship like with basketball?

I love basketball, but I never imagined to wear a football shirt in my career with the design of a basketball brand. It’s not something you would even begin to think could happen. PSG make things possible with every detail, I think that’s why Jordan chose the club to partner with. With basketball and football the objective is the same, you want to win. You can change the sport but you can’t change the mentality. I’m the same when I play any sport. I have to win.


Who’s the best basketball player at PSG?

That’s too hard to answer! We’re not professional, but a lot of us enjoy to play and watch basketball, I think I am good, but you would have to ask the others.

You’ve met lots of basketball players. Do you see similarities between the lifestyles and mentalities of footballers and basketballers?

I do think that any professional sports player has to have that drive to be better and to win. I think that’s natural for any top professional player. There’s always a big connection and a lot of respect when footballers meet basketballers, or any sportsperson, because you can relate to their hard work and pressure to succeed.

Was Michael Jordan a player you had admiration for?

I always wanted to become a footballer but any player in any sport who is the greatest in the world has to be respected. You admire what they do in the game but you also admire how they are as a person off the court.


PSG are arguably the coolest club in the world right now. What is it that’s so attractive about this club?

I think the club are always adding to their history, and it feels like the biggest achievements are still in the future. We’re ready to make more history and maybe that’s something people can feel too. It’s an exciting time for PSG. This is a special club in one of the most amazing cities in the world. People love Paris and I think the club is great at involving the identity of the city.

PSG put a lot of thought and focus into their brand image. Does that suit you?

The club think differently in this aspect, they care about it and it’s great to see. I mean, how many other clubs would think to partner with Jordan? It’s exciting to be part of because they do so many things other clubs would maybe be afraid to do. PSG are open-minded and I love that. It’s great to have that, but it means nothing if you don’t have a mentality to win too, but that’s what I love most about PSG – the focus is to always win. To win every single game.

Is Paris the most fashionable city that you’ve ever lived in?

Yeah I think so. It’s amazing, I love this city, it’s so full of life. It’s perfect for me as the lifestyle is amazing and the football is still the highest level in the world. I’ve come to the perfect country at the perfect time, but that’s not enough for me, I need to win.


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