Jumpman parties in Paris with World Cup winning approval. In a ground-breaking movement of new-generation collaboration Paris Saint-Germain invited the world’s media into their Parc des Princes home on Thursday to style out their full Jordan x PSG collection.

After months of speculation and high-profile stage appearances from the likes of Travis Scott and Justin Timberlake, PSG officially revealed the most anticipated football collaboration of all time in an event of pulsating energy and cross-culture celebration. The Parisians become the first ever football club to link up with basketball brand Jordan, and in turn strengthen their position as the lifestyle leaders and forward-thinking mavericks in football circles.

A heavyweight link-up that sees both brands push each other into new territory, the PSG x Jordan collection is finally official. It’s out there. And it’s the perfect marriage of basketball and football that you never knew you needed until now. This partnership is a big deal, and it’s a natural one that the club are backing with undisputed flair.

Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0013__J0A1171.jpg
Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0010__J0A1185.jpg
Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0007__J0A1196.jpg
Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0005__J0A1202.jpg

When the President of the Jordan Brand, Larry Miller, and PSG owner, Nasser Al-Khelaifi take to stage upon arrival, you listen. The influential pair confirmed the initial 3 year partnership, approved by the main man Michael Jordan, before slipping into the shadows of a transformed Parc des Princes for the show to begin.

With the hype still hidden in a darkness of anticipation, PSG kicked off the party in epic style as the arena was consumed by strobe lights and bass, both combining to provide a stage for what we’re describing as a squad of basketball-meets-football freestyling ninjas. Yeah, that’s pretty accurate.

Each performer dressed in statement lifestyle pieces from the Jordan x PSG collaboration as they slammed, swished and step-overed through a display of dynamic artistry. With the balls leaving respective nets rippling the doors open to Kylian Mbappe and Dani Alves headlining the stage in full home and away Jordan x PSG kits set to be worn in the Champions League this season.

Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0004__J0A1207.jpg
Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0004__J0A1222.jpg
Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0001__J0A1238.jpg
Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0000__J0A1242.jpg
Nike PSG Jordan Launch_0000__J0A1239.jpg

A collab like no other, PSG are out here disrupting. Re-writing the rule books on branding, and sliding fashionably into alternative markets. A lifestyle leader with A-list links on and off the pitch, embracing the culture of sport and sending it into sharp and stylish place. Take flight, Jumpman is soaring.

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