YoungAthlete is a platform that is creatively showcasing the rising stars who set the standard for the next generation. Having collaborated with Adidas recently on a series that gives airtime to a contemporary generation coming through, we spoke to the founder of 'YoungAthlete' Gabriel Moses to get his Directors cut on being involved in a project like this.

Starting at the beginning, where did the YoungAthlete idea come from?

"I've always had an obsession with the journey as opposed to the destination, theres something about seeing a Marcus Rashford break through at a club like Man United. I had a few friends that played at clubs and I realised nobody was really working with them so i started shooting with my mates and it all happened from there."

young athlete portrait.jpg

YoungAthlete Creator Gabriel Moses on set with Billy Gilmour

Creating these videos, what's the aspiration and what would you like to showcase about this next gen talent?

"I look to show a different side to the talent, allowing them to talk about things that matter to them. Its all about giving a voice to young people within sport."

For these players, it may be the first time they've done anything like this - how does it feel to help create an image for them?

"Thats one of the best things about it, its always good vibes on set because the players are always excited to be doing these things."

How would you describe your creative style? Any key inspiration you've taken in to this?

"I like to incorporate styles that aren't typically used within sports pieces, mainly taking inspiration from the fashion world & I love incorporating things such as 16mm into the films, it gives it that nostalgic feel and allows the colours to really stand out."

What's the reaction been like from the players themselves?

"I tend to have a good relationship with the players beyond the set, me being a similar age to them we have a good common ground. For many of them, its good to have someone want to work with them whilst their still on their journey."

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Young Athlete x adidas_0002_ADIDAS_YA_10.jpg

You're helping to shape a movement in bringing the spotlight on the athletes to watch coming through, what was it about the next generation angle that caught your eye?

"These guys are the future and I think its important to bridge that gap & create an interest in young players, when we look at the rise of guys like Mbappe it shows that you're never too young. Its about making people aware of these talented youngsters before they come on the scene."

You've worked with Adidas on these two projects, do you see them as a brand that matches your vision for where you want to take YoungAthlete?

"adidas are always looking to push boundaries and when we first started speaking about this collaboration they made it clear that they  really wanted to push their next gen talent and for me this was the perfect match. its great to have such a big brand share a similar vision to yours."

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Young Athlete x adidas_0001_ADIDAS_YA_13.jpg

The films are stylised by they show a human side to these players, do you think that's something missing with those top flight athletes in football - these videos bridge a gap well...

"That was the main aim from the beginning, to show that human side & I feel like for whatever reason we don't get to see much of it with the top athletes. Its definitely a change I'm looking to shape and hopefully the next wave of players feel like they can show off more of their personality."

What has the process been like to create these films?

"Its been a long one from shoot day to edits, loads of chopping and changing but I'm very happy with the final films."

Young Athlete x adidas_0003_LV_ADI_NEXTGEN_0188.jpg
Young Athlete x adidas_0002_LV_ADI_NEXTGEN_0189.jpg

Has this given you the platform to propel your channel - only more from here, right?

"Yeah for sure! Its great that people are starting to take notice & I'm always looking to improve and take things further."

Who have been the most influential people in your journey so far?

"The standout people would defo be Andy Ansah, he's been working with top players for years and has been a great mentor to me and is someone I look up to alot. Also a photographer called Will Cornelius I remember messaging him on instagram when I first came up with the concept and he was happy to support, he showed a lot of faith in me. Cant forget Matt & Chris Dent from Soho Warriors who have been great to me over the past year."

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