To play in a World Cup final is the dream of any player, Cafu has been lucky enough, scrap that, good enough, to have played in three of them, the only ever player to do so, winning the biggest football match on the planet twice. We caught up with him for a chat in Rio after Brazil's opening 3-1 win over Croatia.

Can you give us your reaction to Brazil's win last night and how you think they performed?

Fantastic! We started on the right foot winning 3-1 and that gives us tranquility for the rest of the competition. There are going to be many great group games, many big teams will face each other, but normally the group stage is when most teams are still getting to know each other, so the matches won’t be as intense as they will from the last 16 onwards.

What have been your first impressions of the atmosphere in here in Rio?

The atmosphere is fantastic. The whole of Brazil is in party mode. Rio has really prepared for this, it’s a wonderful city that lives for football and tourism and it is ready to welcome everyone with open arms.

What do you think makes Rio such a great city when it comes to football?

We have two traditions here: football and the beach. We have Samba, girls, bars, the Christ statue. Rio is a historic city, a fascinating place.

How good is this Brazilian team when you compare it to your generation?

There isn’t a comparison, it’s not possible to compare. 2002 was a team which achieved and won. 2014 is still finding its space to become a champion.

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Who would you have most like to play with from this current team?

Neymar, without a doubt. Neymar today is a reference in both Brazilian and global football. He is one of the players who we’ve placed a lot of hope on so Brazil can become a champions.

How does the experience of playing in a World Cup to watching as a fan?

The difference between playing and watching? The difference is when playing you feel a strong burst of adrenaline, it creates a marvelous sensation .

How does this years Brazuca ball compare to the World Cup balls you played with?

Fantastic. Every year adidas evolves football with its products and the brazuca is one of those evolutions. It is a very good ball and it’s well designed. It’s a shame I won’t get to play with it during the World Cup.

How do you assess England's current team and their chances in the tournament?

I think they will have a great World Cup. England will go as far as possible because they are team that is well built and have been doing well in prior to the tournament.

What kind of party can we expect here in Rio if Brazil win the World Cup?

Well we're already having a party here without having won the World Cup. Now imagine what the party will be like if we won!